A breakthrough in minimally invasive surgery circular suturing finally made safe, easy and easy thanks to an exclusive technology.

The human anatomy features a tremendous amount of tracts and hollow organs. Cardio-vascular, Digestive, respiratory, urinary and reproductive systems

Surgery of tubes and hollow organs. Surgeons operate on such organs as part of hundreds of procedures : colorectal cancer, stumach surgery, gastric bypass, prostate cancer removal, bladder removal, vascular prosthesis. Circular suturing = anastomosis.

anastomosis is a complex gesture, long-learning curve, perfectly mastered only by expert surgeons.

Side effects of poor anastomoses : leaks, stenoses, reduced operating room efficiency, cost of post operative treatments.

Anastom Surgical gathers benefits of circular suturing and mechanical sutures

Micromechanic system with fully bioabsorbable elements

Uroloink designed for prostate cancer surgery - radical prostatectomy. Six separate stiches, mucosal side-by-side reconnexion, natural healing of the tissues, resorbable sutures.

Technology validated by proof of concept and preclinical validation on live pigs
3 patents are protecting the technology.

Urolink is a sigle use surgical device for uretro vesical anastomoes, for prostate cancer surgery. Kit provided sterile and redy to use composed of 3 sub-assemblies.

Arnold FERLIN and Renaud MARIN

Contact : contact@anastomsurgical.com